Welcome to our corner of the world, we dare to promise you will love it!

Let us guide you

The Kayak Trail™ is run by a small group of warm-hearted down-to-earth certified kayak and wilderness guides. We are happy to welcome you to our beautiful part of the world, the thousands and thousands of islands just outside Stockholm city, slowly carved out by the pressure of kilometer-thick ice during the last ice age. 

Our mission

Our mission is to enable and empower curious and nature loving people to go out and explore this magical place we call Stockholm Archipelago. We help you with a warm heart and an eco-friendly approach and we strive to make your experience  with us perfect while making sure we leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.

This is the place we call our home, and it just happens to be one of the best places in the world to kayak and wildcamp.

Meet the team

Jonatan is a kayak guide and kayak course leader at the Kayak Trail. He is from Finland and grew up in the Finish archipelago outside Åbo “across the bay” from Stockholm. In the winter he enjoys tour and radonné skiing across all the Nordic countries. Oh, and one more thing, he is always happy, and laughs so much it is hard not to join him. You will see!

Fredrik is a kayak guide at The Kayak Trail. He is a warm hearted guy, and with his background in the Swedish Armed Forces he can teach you a thing or two about bush craft. But first, he will teach you some kayak technique, of course. If you join on a guided or self-guided adventure, you will likely meet Fredrik or Jonatan (or both)!

Jakob is one of the founders of the Kayak Trail. If you give us a call or send us an email, chances are Jakob will be the one to answer your questions. He is from Stockholm and spent most of his growing up hanging out in the archipelago with the sea scouts.

How it all started

The two founders Jakob and Adam are both born and raised in the Stockholm region. Growing up, they spent most of their time in the scouts, hiking, sailing and kayaking in the forests, lakes and archipelago around Stockholm. At university about a decade ago, the two newfound friends created a club to help others discover the outdoors. The guided kayak activities were extra popular, and for good reasons too. With no tidal waters, no underwater currents, rarely strong winds, and thousands of remote islands, Stockholm archipelago is the ideal place for kayak tours, especially combined with wild camping.

Over the years the outdoor engagement developed into a business idea to offer premium guided and self-guided kayak trips to travellers from across the world. Since 2019, Adam and Jakob have been working full-time together with a lovely bunch of guides welcoming well over 2500 guests from all over the world.

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