We strive to

Ensure Traceless Travel

We leave nothing but footprints, and bring nothing but memories. We will equip you and give you the knowledge you need to experience the archipelago in a sustainable way.

Educate in Scandinavian Outdoor Philosophy

It is all about common sense. The Right of Public Access is a fantastic gift to each individual, but it comes with the responsibility of taking care of nature and to respect landowners. 

Protect Wildlife and Natural Reserves

We stay away from the bird protection areas marked on our maps and we respect the local rules of the many natural reserves (included in the guide book)

Reduce our Footprint

We work continuously to reduce the footprint of our operations. It includes educating each guest in Traceless Travel and evaluating our whole operation every year.

Out committment

Living with a respect and care for nature is an important part of the Swedish culture, especially among those many that enjoy outdoor activities of various kinds. Many of the islands, skerries and islets you will kayak to with us are uninhabited and far away from infrastructure and there is no one cleaning up if we leave a mess.

This is why we are committed to take care of, and treat nature with the respect it deserves, and to make sure our guests are educated and encouraged to do the same.

The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten)

In Sweden, we have decided that it is okay to move across land and waters and enjoy nature. This freedom and right is granted each individual, but it comes with responsibility. One must pay respect to the nature one passes through, not to disturb, destroy or alter nature in any way. One must also respect the owner of the land, and not get close to dwellings or in other ways disturb.

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