Here we have collected some of the most common questions and answers. You are always more than welcome to call or e-mail us with your questions =)

Why kayak in Stockholm Archipelago?

In short, because it is the largest and most diverse archipelago in Sweden. It has everything from sandy beeches and large islands with centuries of history and culture, to thousands and thousands of smaller skerries, wild and uninhabited (except for birds and the occasional seal). There are no tides, currents or big swells to worry about here.

Another good thing, is that it is conveniently close to Stockholm city. Stockholm city is itself built on 14 different islands, so the archipelago is in fact not only close to the city, the city is part of it! This is why sometimes Stockholm is called the venice of the north. Most of our guests who enjoy a guided kayak tour in untouched nature together with us also spend a day or two experiencing the urban city pulse of Stockholm. 

Oh, and of course, Stockholm is easy to get to by both road, rail, water and air, which means you will have hassle-free and convenient travel and transfer. Needless to say, that does not hold true for all parts of Sweden.

Is it difficult to kayak?

Our experience is that with the right introduction, anyone can do a kayak tour with us. You do not need any prior kayak experience. If you choose our self-guided packages, we include a thorough introduction and “light kayak course”, and make sure you are ready before you set out. If you choose our guided tour, the guide will be with you every step of the way and chances are you come back with some newly found skills. 

Is it safe to kayak?

Yes, with some common sense and after out introduction in kayak safety. You do not need any prior kayak experience, but should be used to water and able to swim unaided. Our double kayaks are very stable and are well suited for beginners and intermediates. We can offer you single kayaks as well, but they require a lot of prior kayaking and skills. In Stockholm Archipelago there are no tides, currents or big swells to worry about. Typically, the most challenging part is handling strong winds (if they occur). We will guide you on how to choose different alternatives for routes when the weather is windy, and there is always the option to spend a day discovering your surroundings on a beautiful island while waiting out windy weather.

Who will be my guide?

The Kayak Trail is run by a small group of warm-hearted down-to-earth kayak instructors. The guides leading the groups are always certified wilderness guides. Most of the guides work with kayak tours during the summer season, and spend the winters guiding in the Scandinavian fells. They are also certified for Wilderness First Aid. Needless to say, you can trust us to deliver a beautiful nature experience to you, but also to keep you safe and handle any unexpected situations (in the unlikely event that one should occur).

What do I need to bring?

When booking our guided or self-guided tours, everything you need is included, from start to finish, including all kayak and camping equipment you need. What you need to bring yourself is a few sets of clothes for outdoor use, shoes for water and land, towel and swimwear, sunglasses, sunblock and toiletries and other personal items.

How do I travel to Stockholm?

It’s super convenient to get to Stockholm. You can travel by road, rail or air.

If you travel by air you can choose between Arlanda, Bromma or Skavsta airports. We recommend Arlanda and Bromma as they are closer to the city. Arlanda is the main airport of Stockholm and Bromma is a smaller one. From both Arlanda and Bromma airports there are good transfer options that take you to Stockholm city in about 20-45 minutes. All transfer options takes you to the Central Station and Cityterminalen bus terminal, which are located right next to each other in Stockholm City. If you arrive by long haul bus, or by train, you will arrive there as well. 

If you catch a cab, we recommend choosing  Taxi Stockholm.

Once in Stockholm city, we will arrange for a 45 min transfer to take you from Stockholm city to the designated starting point of your trip. Please check your booking information for additional information.

If you are arriving by car, please reach out to us, as it might be more convenient and cheap for you to park next to our kayak center rather than in Stockholm city.

How will the weather be?

The Swedish summer weather, and especially the archipelago weather, changes a lot and quickly. We will equip you with the SMHI app and make sure you know how to get the latest forecasts so you can plan your day accordingly. If you are with a guide you will go through the weather forecast together. There is no typical weather and temperature vary a lot, but normally it stays between 20-27 °C during the day. In our experience during a 4-6 day trip you will have some sunny days, some cloudy ones, some calm and some windy ones. Perhaps some rain, but normally it passes quickly. For the occasional bad weather day, our great equipment will keep you dry and safe. 

What do we need to know about tides and waves?

To be honest, nothing. There are no tides and no ocean currents in Stockholm Archipelago. You won’t even find big swell, as the larger waves break on the outer skerries and islets further out. This is what makes the area perfect for kayaking. What you do need to know, is how to check the weather in the morning using the SMHI app to see how the weather and wind. We will show you how to do this before you set out, or the guide will do it for you if you are on a guided tour. 

What equipment will we get?

We have thought of everything, so you do not have to. For all our tours, you will receive all the gear you need for a safe and comfortable stay in nature. For more info, and a full equipment list, please check here.

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