We are the exclusively authorized kayak tour operator for Stockholm Kayak Trail™

Stockholm Kayak Trail™ is a network of suggested routes for sea kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago. The initiative is created to encourage and empower individuals to go out and explore the thousands of islands located outside of Stockholm using kayak as their vessel. The initiative also strives to increase the consciousness among kayakers in areas such as sustainability, traceless travel, Scandinavian outdoor philosophy, and kayak safety.

The Kayak Trail™ is the exclusive authorized kayak tour operator for Stockholm Kayak Trail and we offer guided and self-guided tours along the route network. Although to be fair, we do divert from the trail rather often (especially on the guided tours) to visit some hidden gem that we wish to show you. Being the exclusive operator, we have pledged to support Stockholm Kayak Trail in their work to keep Stockholm Archipelago a sustainable and safe kayak destination going forward.

If you book a guided or self-guided tour with us, we will tell you more about the Stockholm Kayak Trail and you will likely experience the most beautiful parts of their trails during your experience with us. If you are curious about knowing more about the Stockholm Kayak Trail you are welcome to contact us, or check out their web page.

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