A season for kayaking

Every month in Stockholm Archipelago has it’s charm. Here we describe a little more about the four phases of our season, which stretches from late spring to early autumn.

No matter the season you should expect to get a bit of everything when it comes to weather as it can get cloudy, windy and rainy from time to time. Do not worry however as it normally clears up rather fast, and with our high-quality gear at hand you will be able to handle whatever mother nature sends your way.

Early Summer (late May to mid June)

The spring is giving in to the arrival of the summer and everything is very green and lush in the archipelago. The days are long with only a short darkness between the sunset and sunrise. The bird life is very active in this season as they have their chicks.

Pros: early summer at its pride, active bird life, less people in the archipelago

Cons: still cold in the water, weather can be windy

Peak Summer (late June to mid August)

This is the main summer season in Sweden, and during this period you have better chances of warmer and more sunny weather. Waters are getting warmer and there is a lot of activity in the archipelago as the locals go to their summer cottages, establishments open and boaters and sailors are out and about. 

Pros: Archipelago full of activity, warm waters and beautiful summer weather. 

Cons: More people on vacation means more boats and less solitude, occasionally very windy 

Late Summer (mid August to early September)

Some say late august is the best time of the year in the archipelago. Most swedes go back to work early to mid august, leaving the archipelago more empty and calm. And although weather can get a bit colder, it is normally calm and nice until early September, and waters are still reasonably warm and swimable.

Pros: Less people means more solitude, still rather warm and calm weather, colder toward the beginning of September.

Cons: establishments start to close in the end of august, can get windy not much bird life

Early Autumn (mid to late September)

Early autumn in the archipelago is normally a spectacular thing. Weather is normally rather stable and although more chilly, you get some sunny days. The air is crisp and the winds are normally low, as nature holds it breath before the first October storm.

Pros: Crisp and fresh air, normally rather calm, plenty of solitude/not much people

Cons: Can be wet and cold if unlucky, waters are cooler, less bird life

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