The Kayak Trail

We are an eco tour operator in the Stockholm Archipelago. We are super happy to welcome you to our beautiful part of the world, the thousands and thousands of islands just outside Stockholm city, slowly carved out by the pressure of kilometer-thick ice during the last ice age.

This is our home turf, the place we call our home, and it just happens to be one of the best places in the world for sea kayak and wild camping tours.

Sweden’s largest archipelago is waiting for you

Traceless Travel

We offer sustainable and eco-friendly tours that are designed in harmony with nature

We empower, you explore

We thought of everything so you don’t have to, and we provide all knowledge and gear you need

Unique Scandinavian nature

Easy access to one of our most unique type of coastal nature, carved out by the last ice age

Guided and self-guided tours

Let us prepare you with everything you need for your own self-guided tour, or join our guides on a guided tour. In either case we will make sure you have the best equipment, all the knowledge and tips you need and a 24/7 service. 

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We would love to plan your adventure together with you!

Stockholm Archipelago is our home, and we love to help our guests explore it.
Reach out, and we will help you plan you adventure =)